Functional Medicine Meeting (FMM) was established in 2005 and has hosted close to one hundred continuing education events for functional/integrative medicine practitioners across the country. Our goal is always to provide the most cutting-edge information presented by experts in their respective fields. It is our intent to make sure this information is clinically applicable and can be integrated into how you practice immediately following our events.

Over the years, one common request made by numerous physicians has been the desire to learn more about advanced functional medicine laboratory analysis, (ie. when to run a specific laboratory panel, how to interpret it, and what to do to bring out of balance parameters back into balance). Also, we want to look at these basic and advanced panels through “functional medicine eyes” understanding optimal value ranges as opposed to “normal ranges,” etc. Lastly, we want our experts to discuss proven interventions whether they be pharmacological or with nutraceuticals. That being said, all nutraceutical interventions recommended must be driven by published clinical trials in peer reviewed literature.

The course starts with the most basic panel, the CBC, and progresses on to cover the following:

Food Sensitivities
Intestinal Barrier
Fungus Yeast
Microbiome Testing
Stool Analisys
Heavy Metals Testing
Oxidative Stress
Diabetic Markers
Enviromental Oxidin Testing
Fatty Acids
Infectious Disease
Lyme Disease
Adrenal Fatigue
Thyroid Function
Reproductive System

Our primary instructors for FMM Laboratory Mastery Series® are Dr. Brandon Brock and Dr. Cheryl Burdette. We also have other experts in the field of functional lab analysis present their specialty knowledge including: Dr. David Quig, Dr. Ronald Grabowski, Dr. Robyn Kutka, Mark Schauss and Dr. Dan Johnston.

We believe FMM Laboratory Mastery Series® is the most comprehensive laboratory analysis course available in functional medicine today. There are currently over 30 hours of lectures from our experts included in the full course. Also, you will receive PDF’s of all the PowerPoint presentations along with a comprehensive digital nutraceutical protocol handbook which addresses all of topics discussed. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of hours put into this course, and we know from our attendees just how valuable this information is.

Take the full course and become a true lab master!

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