The Importance of Micronutrients in Chronic Diseases by Dr. Ron Grabowski


Duration: 1:00


Program Description

Instructor: Dr. Ron Grabowski

The course will outline the important role of specific micronutrients that impact the following diseases; Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular disease and Osteoporosis. Nutrient and Drug interactions will also be discussed that are commonly prescribed for these pathologies.

a. The doctor will be able to determine what nutrients affect insulin production and insulin receptors.

b. The doctor will be introduced to how statins affect specific nutrient’s status.

Components covered include:

Specific micronutrient deficiencies and medications enhance the development and/or comorbidities of cardiovascular disease, Diabetes Mellitus and Osteoporosis. Drug-nutrient interactions

c. The doctor will recognize how Vitamin D3 has an important role in Diabetes mellitus and Cardiovascular disease.

d. The doctor will recognize how commonly prescribed drugs affect nutritional status.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Ron Grabowski is a chiropractor and has over 30 years of clinical nutritional expertise and has presented over 500 seminars and lectures on nutrition throughout the United States and in Europe, publishing several articles and a textbook in clinical nutrition. His research interests include nutritional support of the athlete and the use of supplements in clinical practice for the prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and gastrointestinal disorders.