The Role of Fatty Acids in Human Health and Optimal Brain Function by Dr. Daniel T. Johnston


Duration: 2:00


Program Description

We will be exploring the role of fatty acids at the cell level and how they work to promote health, resilience to disease, optimize brain function, and how we can leverage diagnostic laboratory methods to measure and understand how specific levels contribute to cell dysfunction and the risk of chronic disease. Within that context we will discuss how testing can be used in the management of various clinical disorders as part of a treatment protocol and what nutritional approaches have been shown to improve both functional metrics (cognitive) and fatty acid RBC values.

Relevance to the medical profession:

The course will explore the meaning of “health” and the role of the brain to promote, control, and ultimately determine the health and quality of life of all people. The biochemistry of fatty acids and their role in cell function and specifically neuron function from neurodevelopment to neurogenesis will be explored.  Finally, the attendee will appreciate the mechanisms of dementia and stroke, and learn powerful ways to mitigate neurodegenerative decline and what will be the epidemic with the highest economic, physical, social, and psychological cost.

Speaker Bio

LTC(Ret) Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH is board certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and retired in June 2018 from Army active service. He served in the US Army for almost 20 years in a variety of clinical, research, operational and educational assignments. He was the first to conduct a study in Iraq leading to a peer reviewed publication demonstrating the massive epidemic of fatty acid deficiencies in the US, particularly young people, and the link between cellular Omega-3 EPA/DHA Index status and AA levels to cognitive health. Working with Dr. Bill Harris, Dr. Johnston built upon an advanced, validated red cell, finger stick dried blood spot collection method into a full clinical decision support tool that combines functional analysis of the brain so blood data is seen through the lens of functional implications. Upon this focus for helping practitioners bring this science into the clinical space, he founded BrainSpan.

More than a testing company, BrainSpan provides a total solution for practitioners. Through special reporting and educational strategies, it drives patient awareness, compliance and adherence– critical to improved outcomes. Dr. Johnston was the first to develop an age based, weighted algorithm leveraging predictive analysis to paint a picture of a patient’s longevity and quality of “brain” life based on nutritional status, specifically the Omega-3 EPA/DHA status and cognitive function.